New Year 2011

On the 31st of December 2010, I made a resolution to ‘Have Fun’.

From Ghana, England, and taking fifty hour train rides through the Pacific Northwest and down to Arizona. To possibly studying in Iceland next year and hiking the Appalachian Trail with a few mates in two years.

I am damn thankful for the people I have met and those who have helped me along the way. I now have to write about all the stories I have acquired and sort out all of the pictures I have snapped. And I will continue to log the thousands of kilometres I have traveled.

It’s the nostalgia
of spring time
every spring our team
would reawaken from our slumber
and drive to the ball fields
playing our hearts out
bleeding a little,
listening to coaches and parents
swear at the umpires,
cheering and yelling
and pitches in the dirt.

“down down down”
as the play to third would come down to an inch
to the microscopic eye
and the pounds of dust
i have consumed over my lifetime
could fill hundreds of baseball fields

My dog is this crazy goof
and I looked up Goof vs Goon
and what came up reminded
me of five or so years ago
when i first moved here and
fell in love with how the trees waved
their arms when i walked past
and would comfort me with their leaves
if the sun was being a meanie
and the one tree that is still growing
in our front yard which i reversed into

and laugh all you want
but i kissed that tree for two weeks
pleading that it would still grow
because i liked watching the buds grow
and how they would pollute my yard with
love and honesty.
coming back year after year. never failing to be there.