Mother teaches child how to fend off buggers and then sits in the bird feeder.

Instead of the dinky peanut butter jars which would continuously flip over with the wind and be a hassle to the other birds, I made a semi-shallow bird feeder. Basically, it holds its own wait and the birds just land on it or land in it.


Oh yeah. Our garden has red ants and while I was I guess “tilling” the soil – it was more like digging it up and throwing it into the wheelbarrow one of them bit me in my hand. So I looked online and it said “sprinkle cayenne pepper”. So I sprinkled cayenne pepper and a wave of wind came right at me and pepper came into my eye.

I guess that is what I get.

The Rose

Bird updates:

The siding on the garage is coming undone (probably due to the last storm). Saw it today and went up on a ladder, sparrows came flying out.
Contacted Popeye and well, we came to the conclusion of just leaving them. There really is no other place for them to stay and it’s a damn nice location (protection from predators, weather, the likes).


The Cocky Cardinal as usual



MOURNING DOVE HAD A BABY and I finally got to see him/her today.