Arizona and Saint Paul

I haven’t posted since about a month ago. I took Amtrak down to Arizona. The ride through Illinois and Little Rock were quite boring. Upon getting into Texas, well Texas happened. From the vehicle broken down on the tracks to the suicidal drunk man thinking of running in front of the train (San Antonio Stories!) I walked around the city at 0100 AM with another passenger (I think his name started with an L.) but he was an honest to God saint from Michigan. Strawberry and Chocolate Chip Pancakes from Dennys and the quick visit to the Alamo. The ride into El Paso where everyone was waiting for the Burrito Lady but of course, she was MIA.

Met my grandparents in Maricopa, AZ and they drove on up to Mesa. Fell asleep quite fast after a long shower. The following days were touring the city, trying new restaurants that they had previously went to when my father was down there, and well enjoying the 37 degree C heat (100+ degrees F). Drove a bit, ordered a beer and drank it in a restaurant (I’m 20 so technically illegal) but no one cared.

Then the drive up back to Illinois. Convinced them to drive through New Mexico and up through Colorado, Nebraska, and across Illinois. New Mexico was okay, some hills but not much. Driving most of the way bores you but luckily I was jamming to Classic Rock while avoiding the Semis.

Yeah, maybe this blog is as boring as I think it is.

Anyway, rented a hotel room in Colorado (near the Springs) and damn it was beautiful. Brand new almost everything. And here comes the fun part, well, I ordered a beer in a restaurant and no one asked for ID. Not only could I go to jail / fine for that but well, you can lose your liquor license. Push comes to shove and I was fine. Got up the next day and drove again and again. Through Nebraska (we stopped just as we drove over the border) and crashed again – no beer this time. Next morning, the same routine. Ten hours of driving that day and we were finally home.

I am now currently in Saint Paul waiting for school to start next week Wednesday and getting job interviews up the cazoo. I guess that is what you can call it. Cazooobles. Rooming in a house with three 22+ year olds so it’s a bit strange to understand that these guys are working full time jobs but all in all, they are all great guys. B is a nice cop and great person!

So yeah.