Howdy, How do you do, I’m inventing a new language for my trip tomorrow


I leave on a forty-six hour train ride tomorrow and get into Seattle on Friday. I honestly cannot wait, I feel like a kid.
I have my Yogi Bear blanket packed, a separate napsack for the train compared to my huge Kelty check-on.
Waaaaa, maybe I’ll take the napsack and switch it out for the backpack but two Kelty’s is a lot.
Especially since the Kelty BP can’t fold up.

Oh well, I really need to pack my clothes. Since I am delaying every second.
however I did manage to clean my iTunes and well, make some real cool playlists – add new music.

Two: Went to Walmart to pick up a few things (prior) and this kid in front of me was trying to buy a deck of yugioh cards,
well he had five dollars (or so). The deck came up to 8 dollars (who knows why it is so expensive) and the kid says no.
well, I ask him if I can help and he says no.
His pa or ompa is not going to help.
He starts walking away, I tell the cashier to put it on my card and I run the deck over to him.
The kiddo comes back and hands me seven dollars (which I didn’t want to take in the first place).
and well, I walked out a happy fellow.