Oh yeah. Our garden has red ants and while I was I guess “tilling” the soil – it was more like digging it up and throwing it into the wheelbarrow one of them bit me in my hand. So I looked online and it said “sprinkle cayenne pepper”. So I sprinkled cayenne pepper and a wave of wind came right at me and pepper came into my eye.

I guess that is what I get.

The Rose

Bird updates:

The siding on the garage is coming undone (probably due to the last storm). Saw it today and went up on a ladder, sparrows came flying out.
Contacted Popeye and well, we came to the conclusion of just leaving them. There really is no other place for them to stay and it’s a damn nice location (protection from predators, weather, the likes).


The Cocky Cardinal as usual



MOURNING DOVE HAD A BABY and I finally got to see him/her today.