Big Sur

Well, plans are made. Out by the 22nd of May and arriving in Mankato, MN by the 11th of August. All car, bus, or train. No plane. I was first thinking of bringing my bicycle but that would require a lot of time that I do not have.

Driving to Mesa and over to San Diego, visiting the old house in El Cajon, running over to Long Beach, and up the Pacific Highway. Spending some time there and up to Vancouver. Probably drive through Canada and avoiding the boring parts of the Dakotas.

Ah but of course, my brother has a so-called “Job” in the summer. Time to travel by foot.

Azonto Fiesta

Managed to do a tequila stuntman last night. Took the shot out of my Ghanaian coffee mug, non the less. It was nearing 2330, so why not.

Bought: One person tent, 100′ of Rope, Floor Mat, Tarp, Two Hats, Knife, Boots, and a few other things. It will all be put to good use.
Then I started looking at motorcycles and oh my golly. Time to learn how to drive them.

P.S. I am moving forward on that whole book-writing gig. It is going nifty.

Cake Balls

Bake a Red Velvet Cake. Cool it off for a long time. Mix with Cream Cheese frosting. Freeze cake balls for an hour or whatever. Try a cake ball and complain about them being too sweet. Get a stomach ache from eating two of them. Melt chocolate. Continue to melt two and a half bars of chocolate. Cover cake balls in chocolate. Get tired of covering cake balls. Drip chocolate EVERYWHERE. Get yelled at because father wants to make supper and I have a mess in the kitchen. Put in refrigerator. Wait until after supper. Eat three chocolate covered cake balls. Complain of stomach ache. Tell Father to take them all to work. Enjoy.







Babies are growing

It feels time to celebrate. After planting four seedlings (Tomatoes, Onion, Chives, and Lettuce), I think three (Lettuce, Onion, and Tomatoes) have sprouted. However, I can only get one reliable photo out of the three, so here is the lettuce. 


As you can see, there are four of those mother fuckers. Even though I only planted two.
Thanks to NativeSeeds for the Tomatoe, Onion, and Chive seeds

And I also found this in my Delray Croton Petra (I had to use Home Depot to identify my plants I bought two years ago)


What the hell is growing.

Edit: There is something else growing in my other pot. What potting soil did I use…


My brother requested we go shopping for supplies (meringue cookies, heavy whipping cream, frozen strawberries). Having no idea he brought me up this.

Quick Update

Which in all sense, was pretty damn good. For just being whipping cream, almost like the puffy space ice-cream meringue cookies, and frozen berries.

Leading Up To Leaving

Here are a few posts (and edited) leading up to my departure from the U.S.A. to Ghana

06 September 2012

Whenever I use the word “partner” as to refer to my roommate / teaching partner in Ghana, I have to make sure they don’t think Lover or Girlfriend. 

Anyways, I need to fill out these college applications. It is killing me.
Edit: No true college applications were finished by the time I left for Ghana. Majority were done while in Ghana on an unreliable internet and a few were finished when I got home in February. 

I have a list of things I should pack. Which is hilarious because it’s not really a list. 
Edit: It was a list, just poorly written out

13 September 2012

I have been maintaining this garage sale we are having and it’s quite hilarious.
Edit: It was not hilarious. It was cold but beautiful out. I am glad we had one. 
I’ve given a few dollars away not because I suck at counting money but because it’s a garage sale. 
Edit: I almost failed all my high school mathematics classes.


I have:
a single sized bed.
Best fitted for one person.
Not a nine year old, 4 footer
Or a 60ish pound black lab.
Or a ninteen year old 5 and a halfer.
No, because the most comfortable
I have ever slept
was with us three, in a single sized bed.