Leading Up To Leaving

Here are a few posts (and edited) leading up to my departure from the U.S.A. to Ghana

06 September 2012

Whenever I use the word “partner” as to refer to my roommate / teaching partner in Ghana, I have to make sure they don’t think Lover or Girlfriend. 

Anyways, I need to fill out these college applications. It is killing me.
Edit: No true college applications were finished by the time I left for Ghana. Majority were done while in Ghana on an unreliable internet and a few were finished when I got home in February. 

I have a list of things I should pack. Which is hilarious because it’s not really a list. 
Edit: It was a list, just poorly written out

13 September 2012

I have been maintaining this garage sale we are having and it’s quite hilarious.
Edit: It was not hilarious. It was cold but beautiful out. I am glad we had one. 
I’ve given a few dollars away not because I suck at counting money but because it’s a garage sale. 
Edit: I almost failed all my high school mathematics classes.

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