I’m Charlie

Here are some weird things I just thought of

– I own eight plants (four flowers, four vegetables)
– In any meal, I always eat my corn first
– I have very little self control when it comes to Chocolate
– I like whiskey
– I did a Tequila Stuntman in March
– Out of my Ghanaian coffee mug
– I collect books
– Every year I have bought a new watch for work because I lost the old one
– I am going to Iceland or Sweden for college next year
– Because spending 40,000+ a year (when you have no idea your major) is unreasonable
– Every few months or so I change the layout of my bedroom
– I want to knock off the seeds on a Pepper / Sunflower / anything with multiple seeds that stand out.
– It’s really weird.

Now I must go. I am embarrassing myself.

More Cake Balls.

First you bake a cake and by some miracle you can literally scoop the entire cake out into a bowl.

like this.

Then you mash it all together with some cream cheese frosting.

and you will need to grease your elbow. ’cause it is hard work.

make some balls.

and hopefully you have room in your freezer.

do the dishes and wait and hour.

melt some chocolate.

step on the mouse trap.

cover the balls and let them freeze or refrigerate until whenever. I had to put my balls in the freezer ’cause they did not fit in the refrigerator.

eat one. the chocolate will melt on your hand if you try to eat right away. but whatevs. They are good.

“How many kids are in your class?” 22. “Okay, there’s 28. Now 27, because i’m going to eat one” Luckily there were not 28 like I had imagined.

clean up all the flipping chocolate.


Did you know I had two or three Shania Twain compact discs?

Went night skiing. Abby falls and gets run over. Makes friends with the ski patrol. “You subconsciously attract…”
Lost Girl episodes, Walking Dead, and popcorn. Tomorrow starts the fun.