Very long and necessary update

Sorry guys, I have not seen the internet in some time now (about a month).

I’ll do my best at updating about everything.


“It left me no choice but to drink in my pajamas for the rest of the night” – Zoe

Vasaloppet: 2 months 5 days

Update of the last month:
Takoradi with Duncan and Rogan (our second trip – our first being with Aly and Chrissy). Kokrobite. Accra. Cape. and back to Takoradi with Chrissy, Zoe, Mart, and a few others – Lauren, Kelsey, Duncan, and Rogan (where I was bitten by a malaria infested mosquito). No teaching (and no classes) due to Mr. Douchebag taking my Creative Arts classes and never returning them – but it is ok. I prefer to hang out with BS1 instead of BS2 or BS3. No class for the past three weeks or so (as of the 5th of December not the 26th).

Crashed at Aly and Chrissy’s and went into Takoradi for the first time. Visited Vienna City and due to the overpriced drinks, walked across the street to the Shell station and drank on their curb. Hmm, vodka? Next morning or rather day, ventured to the market and ate at the Pub (a western – James Bond on the television restaurant). Then over to Vienna Beach and Octoberfest!  Wish I was in Germany. Moving forward to Duncan and Rogan, ate at Spikes’ (bar and grill). A beautiful special burger with BBQ, Bacon, an the works. Plenty of chit chat about Babes especially Emma Watson. Back to their placement and short clips of Harry Potter. Awoken by drumming which was actually very good. Left shortly after and as Leah left for Mampong, I left to Kokrobite. Kokrobite to send James off back to England and to celebrate his birthday as well. Italian pizzas and bruschetta. Kissing Ross in a boat for a shared sum of 40 cedi. David being my wingman for about two minutes and some guitarist trying to start Queen’s Under Pressure with no success at midnight. To Accra with Jack and Christy. Cultural shock at the four story KFC in Osu and watching James Bond’s Skyfall. With a delicious bacon, corn, and BBQ fluffy pizza. And walking out of the supermarket with Toffee and whiskey. To the night at the club with Pamela, Precious, Ike, Sheldon, and Majka (pronounced Mika). From Cape and Zoe’s Australian (Lucky) to disappearing for three hours (which I was probably asleep) and waking up with a swollen eye and hand. Finally meeting Mirko and his lecture about how Shitty Goal is.

To Zoe’s “Shooo” with her hand.

“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for? 

20th December 2012

Oh and “Casually try to eat your own face”

Boy do I love Green Turtle Lodge’s Jenga. I also came up with a bucket list – Stay at majority of all Disney World’s Resorts, visit toy stores in Manhattan, and see a Broadway (or two) play.

Current Status: Malaria infected but still alive 🙂
Less than 20 days to go (with my departure on the 9th). Big Christmas break holiday with a crowd of about eight – with drop ins and drop outs along the entire way).

…And now my last encounter at Green Turtle with Ic-E and Bob and Alex and Fufu, Lilly, and Betty. (Originally where I met Polish Jan (pronounced Yan… Swedish). and Ken and Lauren who are Swiss french and a Swede – who I told her Jag Alskar Dig.

I will iss the days where I can wake up and watch the sunrise over the Atlantic ocean. I am going to miss Lilly and Betty and the Brown dog – no one knows the name of and how secluded it is.

Grant me an old man’s Frenzy,
My self must I remake
Till I am Timon and Lear
Or that William Blake
Who beat upon the wall
Till truth obeyed his call. 

The stream of the world has changed its course,
And with the stream my thoughts have run
Into some cloudy, thunderous spring
That is its mountain-source;
Aye, to some frenzy of the mind
For all that we have done’s undone
Our speculation but as the wind
25th Dec 2012

Thinking that I could be waking up to Zach, Abby, and Matt and a Christmas tree loaded with wrapped presents and stockings downstairs. Or walking out on cold floors and seeing a Christmas tree fully decorated with presents and on the fireplace, our stockings or the presents in the sun room in the chest. Good old Christmas and I cannot even call them because of this six hour difference.

Last update of Ghana:
I guess I owe myself an explanation. I have been constantly off guard when we get internet (especially the last few weeks when we have been all over with little to no plans. Now with Christmas break and leaving in about two weeks – things have been different and have left me out-of-contact with society. Especially with the news that a volunteer has slept with a student – thus kicking him out of boarding at first, and then school. And then his house and now with him unable to take his Senior exams in Takoradi – then this volunteer goes and sleeps with another much younger student. But of course, that is what idiot Americans do.

Malaria – Spent a good six hours just waiting for all the tests and lab consultations to go by. Then received a drip for three or four hours and a shot right above my butt. My host stayed the entire time (my roommate stayed until the drip came into place – still at that time it was dark). Got home around nine-ish, half delirious and according to my roommate “high”. Symptoms basically included, sickness and tiredness, and everything in between. No vomiting or diarrhea fortunately but just little appetite, fever which gave me horrible chills and the sweats.