Lover Of The Light

I miss listening to Mumford & Sons.

I wish I could write every little sparing detail about home life here – all I can say is that I dislike rice (but would happily have it over, lets say, Yams). I have been ‘sick’ twice with some mysterious bug – Malaria unknown but assumed (I have no intentions on visiting the hospital unless my symptoms get horribly worse or this drags on for more than a week). I have caught a chick with the help of the students and returned to his-or-her mother. James is going to be my wingman this weekend and why the hell do I always fall for the ones in relationships? Two job offers in Sweden, quite on the wall with that but want to see the Women’s Euro. If it all shapes up this could be an extremely fun gap year.

Russia in 2014 for the winter Olympics. Dun Dun Dun.

I just want to be close to you but I don’t want to feel needy and annoying. Edgar! I have attained the “unofficial” nurse title, thanks proprietor. Miss Constance, Madame Suzie, and another (who I cannot spell the name of) are the nicest teachers.

Definitely could add a list of students but we have about 30 per class and around 40 in the Kg1 and Kg2 classes. So 30 x 6 for basic school,  and then no idea how many in the Form 1-3 classes. Recently we have had a PT meeting and while introducing everyone, Leah stands up and starts saying what-not and I am just sitting there laughing. And then everyone else laughs because It is incredibly funny to watch an Obruni laugh at another Obruni.

I have learned to love when the power is on. Ours goes off about every night and more than likely during the day.
I love the cocoa drink we make for the students. Even though my mother won’t let me pay her at all. Even Kakra, my sister, refuses. Fine. I’ll just give it to you when I leave.

Received three meals a day now, compared to our two at first and then one. Maxwell, a good friend from Cape, decided to drive me home on his motorcycle due to the fact that I could not find a tro-tro that was headed up north. Bought Petrol and paid him a few dollars even though he refused it.

I will write more on Sunday, now I am running out of time and have to pee.

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