“I recommend coffee and then beer” – James Jacobs

This has been one hell of an escapade. From KFC and watching James Bond’s Skyfall to learning that we will not be teaching for three and a half weeks. To new friendships, motorcycle rides to knowledge sharing and drunken (weekend) nights. To 37* C weatherand a week of football matches. To sprinting home with a student in order to get my first aid kit and being chased by trolls when we walk over the bridge to get to class-or-home. To carrying a student on my back through knee deep muddy water due to his injured foot or listening to Joseph describe me as a 20 year old coconut planting footballer. To bucket showers, power outages, and our pit toilet (no longer) swarming with sewer flies. To the children who always have a smile on their face even if they can’t pay school fees or have money for the canteen. To the kids who don’t have money for new notebooks or pens but still show up every day and try to learn. To Justice in BS1 who I will never forget. To the boy at the park with the most heartwarming smile. To the redheaded pair of footballers or watching the duck try to eat the fish. To Mr. Shadrock who is looking to volunteer in Europe.

Back to the chase and main storyline. From the farewell for James at Kokrobite to making out with a Botswana for 40 cedi to delicious brushetta and Italian conversations led by David (also my temporary wingman that weekend). To Accra and trying on clothes. To our delicious bacon, corn, and chicken pizza in the mall. Or that’s what I assumed it to be. To Ike, Pamela, Precious, Sheldon, and Majka (pronounced Mika) and our 20 goal packets littered on the bedroom floor and the shot of Odigidy. Not ogigidy. And of course, for riding the bus. Every. single. time.

Some quick highlights –

  • Literally sprinted home with a student home to get first aid tape. Had to bandage another footballer’s foot.
  • Trying to describe snow to the teachers. They clearly cannot comprehend.
  • Gave the kids a gummy hamburger and they were outside pretending to cook it.
  • Silvester is one of the nicest people I have met
  • The house was surrounded by trolls with the power was out
  • A girl rode her bicycle through the football match and no one said or did anything.
  • They sell “Soya beans” which is a tofu kebab with their spicy seasoning. Bought two andc gave one to Silvester.
  • Invited to play in the JHS football match.
  • A “form 3” student named Michael, asked me out.
  • Bonnie decided to buy black shoe polish and paint his blue shoes
  • No pants party when the power was out and it was a sauna in the room. Dancing to Queen!
  • Lightning storms at night are amazing
  • Redheaded footballers
  • Watched a ref throw “insert number of players” out of a match via red card
  • “Special Burger” with BBQ, Bacon, and the works at Spike’s. Plus live MTV and plenty of banter about Emma Watson verses everyone. With Rogan and Duncan.
  • Toured Takoradi for the first time with Aly and Chrissy.
  • Drank outside the shell station because Vienna City was too expensive.
  • “Obama is a beast” according to our host brothers and sisters. Due to the fact that he supports gays and ‘lesbianism’
  • Our taxi toward Nazareth had reclining back seats (partly due to the fact that there was no back!
  • First time I have ever been awoken by drumming.
  • Came into contact with a deranged turkey
  • Made friends with our neighbour’s goat two days ago and the next day I learned he was eaten. So I cursed and shed a tear. Those fuckers.
  • Witnessed a duck trying to eat an entire fish.
  • When I brought the football to school, their reaction was priceless.
  • The kids don’t believe me when I tell them that I am not 20
  • Kakra, my sister, is passed out in my bed.
  • Had K, SK, and Nefia sleeping on our floor one night. However we carried them to their house and put them to bed.
  • Introduced them to Grape jelly
  • I have met Capachino three weekends in a row (Cape, Kokrobite, and Accra)
  • Rice and Bread for Thanksgiving. Me oh my!

Bonnie and Michael

To start off with, it is sometime around 1300 and we just wolfed down KFC. In Osu.

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.”

I would try and write more but my time is running down to four minutes and there are two Obrunis here in Vodafone that have caught my attention. Now I will appreciate their accents because one is quite attractive.

Quick pick points that I will update later.

– Visited Duncan and Rogan in Takoradi and ate at Spike’s. Special burger with Bacon, BBQ sauce,  and cheese.

– Went to Kokrobite with the Brits to send James off. Met Ross, Armen, David, and everyone.

  • Kissed Ross, in a boat, for 40 cedi (but we split it 20/20).
  • Bruschette (sic) was amazing. The pizza was amazing. The pasta was amazing.
  • The rooms were amazing and the food at the resort was excellent (and well priced for that matter)

– Football tournament with our school and the other schools at the park. Our BS football team won their first match, 1-0 with less than two minutes left on the clock.

– Was invited (and asked) to play with the JHS (Junior High) girls next week. All week there is a tournament and I have no idea if I will be teaching or not.

– Headed to Accra and while at a tro tro station, a university student (or that age range) helped us find a tro tro to Madina. His name was Ken and extremely generous. Able to get to Henry’s pretty easily. Drank Goals and Fanta all night and then went to the club with Atu until sometime around eleven. Fell asleep in a hotter than hell room with Jack. The fan helped little.

  • Walked to buy bread in boxers and a t-shirt while Jack was dressed in the bed sheet but made to look like a traditional robe
  • Almost lost trying to find Osu / Oxford Street but we found it.
  • Ate at KFC, huge three story building. Air conditioned. Just out of the blue. The food was amazingly brilliant and I almost cried. But they did not have popcorn chicken or mashed potatoes. They did have fried rice and their chips (french fries) were fantastic. Ate it all with Jack.
  • To the movies and mall we go! Western world, how dearly I love you only when we are so far away from each other.

Now next weekend, will be the drastic, holy shit, what has been going on.

Lover Of The Light

I miss listening to Mumford & Sons.

I wish I could write every little sparing detail about home life here – all I can say is that I dislike rice (but would happily have it over, lets say, Yams). I have been ‘sick’ twice with some mysterious bug – Malaria unknown but assumed (I have no intentions on visiting the hospital unless my symptoms get horribly worse or this drags on for more than a week). I have caught a chick with the help of the students and returned to his-or-her mother. James is going to be my wingman this weekend and why the hell do I always fall for the ones in relationships? Two job offers in Sweden, quite on the wall with that but want to see the Women’s Euro. If it all shapes up this could be an extremely fun gap year.

Russia in 2014 for the winter Olympics. Dun Dun Dun.

I just want to be close to you but I don’t want to feel needy and annoying. Edgar! I have attained the “unofficial” nurse title, thanks proprietor. Miss Constance, Madame Suzie, and another (who I cannot spell the name of) are the nicest teachers.

Definitely could add a list of students but we have about 30 per class and around 40 in the Kg1 and Kg2 classes. So 30 x 6 for basic school,  and then no idea how many in the Form 1-3 classes. Recently we have had a PT meeting and while introducing everyone, Leah stands up and starts saying what-not and I am just sitting there laughing. And then everyone else laughs because It is incredibly funny to watch an Obruni laugh at another Obruni.

I have learned to love when the power is on. Ours goes off about every night and more than likely during the day.
I love the cocoa drink we make for the students. Even though my mother won’t let me pay her at all. Even Kakra, my sister, refuses. Fine. I’ll just give it to you when I leave.

Received three meals a day now, compared to our two at first and then one. Maxwell, a good friend from Cape, decided to drive me home on his motorcycle due to the fact that I could not find a tro-tro that was headed up north. Bought Petrol and paid him a few dollars even though he refused it.

I will write more on Sunday, now I am running out of time and have to pee.

Looking into my old posts


Time: 1607

12 January 2012

How does one describe the sound of the snow? How does one describe the eerie silence accompanied by inches of snow resting? How does one describe the whistle or music that falling snow creates in collision with the wind? How does one describe winter without using words related to winter?

The hallowing collision between the dropping of snow flakes combined with the brisk wind, what type of sound is that? How does one describe the sound of passing sirens combined with that of the whistle of a freight train? How does one describe the sound of Philip Glass’ Knee Play 5?

How does one describe the happiness of driving on pure ice or the car’s anti-lock breaks? How does one describe the happiness of shoveling and hot chocolate? How does one describe freezing hands caused by the action of molding and throwing snowballs at an unexpected patron?

How does one describe the swishing of snow? How does one describe watching small children scamper through the snow banks? How does one describe the happiness of unexpected patrons slipping?