Extremely late update

I have become fond of the six o’clock roosters, mutated duck chickens, and the many spiders, lizards, and unknown amount of milimeter sized ants that inhabit and share our living space. I have (successfully) played football in a skirt and pet a cute little chick – without the consent of the mother. I have traveled in a non-regulated boat across the Atlantic Ocean with three of the finest people. I have shared stories while drunk on the beach and swam in the dark (The ocean herself has been a never ending adventure. We, Jack, and I, must have been nice to her prior to Friday evening because she could have easily swept us out but did not.) There are some things I understand in life but the ocean, not her.) i have learned to take quick bucket showers and ave been without power for the last three days (that changed last night).

I don’t know how to fully describe everything that I have been through in a month. Most houses being brick slabs with tin roofs. The school, rather B.S. (Basic School) classrooms are just wood planks for walls and tin roofs. The weather is indecisive. Some days hot yet others rainy and loud. Saw a rainbow a day ago, always a beautiful sight and first one in Ghana.

The first day upon arrival was definitely a shocker. Put 20 of us, ranged from 17 to 23 and from completely different backgrounds into a single house. That would make a good ‘Big Brother’ episode. Even though I have never seen ‘Big Brother’ or the likewise. The heat can really wake you up, especially the instant we got off the plane – on the tarmac. Of course, long pants and a long shirt do no good. One lady asking hundreds of incoming foreigners to display their yellow cards (Yellow Fever) for her to check over. I would say more but Wasaaba! Welcome to Ghana.

The first week was full of adjustments and readjustments, meeting the household and forming new relationships. Bucket washing clothes and hanging them on the upstairs deck railing thing. Dance lessons in the market place. Whomever has the video of me dancing, I would like to see it!

I still cannot fathom this ‘God’ culture but like always, Cada Loco Con Su Tema. To each his own.

Back to the important stuff, I am unaware of the population of Twifo Mampon but I can find it on my map of Ghana so the population must be large enough. The main export is Palm Fruit (though I will not miss the smell). The palm fruit is mixed and mashed into palm oil and other items that are exported to neighbouring countries.

The school is run by our host, Mr. Nakumah (pronunciation is better than spelling in this case). Now at first I was awstruck at the condition of this school but then I learned that it was a private school, the funding for the buildings were raised by the first volunteers who arrived five years ago. Most of the children are unable to afford textbooks and even so, the textbooks are laughable. The first week of class was just pure boredom and really made me want to leave. Chaos of just sitting in the back of the classroom for the entire day. Even through the third week, we still have no timetable and teach as we go. Which means we don’t know where we are supposed to be. To say that I go through the week awaiting the weekend makes me mad. I am just planning on creating a class for all those who cannot afford to go to school.

No mother had the dreams that her daughter is going to grow up and be a junkie

Food: I dislike yams with a burning passion. Rice is okay and fried eggs on fluffy bread beats it all. Banku and Kanku are not the greatest but oh well. (I ate noodles at lunch with my hands today – and I asked for permission!). There are plenty of little things i have not written – my internet time is running low and a lot of it is teenage rated. Maybe i will post it all when I get back home. I also do not plan to spend all of my time in Ghana on the computer.
I am still amazed that the ocean did not take us away Friday. Two lucky son of a bitches. I will add more next week or whenever I can think of anything else.

I am enjoying being an abomination here! Plus, my tan is orangish-brown.

You know i could use somebody

My playlist is getting old.

Aut Viam Invenium Aut Faciam – I will either find my way or make one.

P.S. The cocoa drink is always the finest – unless they add too much cocoa. Then it is just nothing. I am not religious but I hold true to:

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall not fear a thing.

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